New Persuasive Words

"The revival in religion will be a rhetorical problem - new persuasive words for defaced or degraded ones." - Thornton Wilder

About the show

New Persuasive Words started as two guys talking about life with what we thought (hoped?) was wit and insight, on our good days anyway. Then...a podcast.

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  • Episode 2: Lost In Translation, Part 1.

    August 7th, 2015  |  31 mins 2 secs

    This podcast was inspired by some questions asked by an old friend of Bill Borrer’s. Bill and I attempt to wrestle with how you hold onto faith amidst confusion about things like biblical interpretation and frustration with the church using the Bible l...

  • Episode 1: Summer Super Hero Movie Extravaganza

    August 7th, 2015  |  22 mins 24 secs

    In the next four years there are 30, YES 30, comic book super hero movies or sequels scheduled to hit theaters near you. Why are there so many films being made about comic book heroes and why do we keep going to see them again and again?